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CBO / Retail

  • Distribution – We are one of the main distributor for Mobily all over the kingdom. We are one of the best in 5 Mobily Partners.

  • We have 13 offices and 9 warehouses distributed throughout kingdom

  • High-quality Sales Team which includes 100 Salesman and 10 Supervisors

  • Mobility is the top priority, All our team is equipped with Car and SFA Software. Special emphasis is given to cover existing and discover new market.

  •  Sales Force Automation (SAF) system - helps our sales team set effective routes plans which give prompt and customized service to all customers.

  • Safari has a well-organized route plan to all salesmen in each area. There is a Balance workload across territories to maximize market coverage; a balance potential across territories gives all sales people a fair chance to succeed.

  • Customer Base – We have in tune of 2500 active customers and increasing day by day.

  • We have total touch point with more than 14000 customer base. We cater to Retail and Wholesale customers.

  • Hajj Project: - We are lending our sincere support for providing connectivity to Hajj Pilgrims. Our kiosks are present everywhere for Haji’s, offering Special promotion in Sim and Recharge for Voice and Data. Besides we are actively involved in distributing freebies like Umbrella, Bag, water etc.

  • Loyalty Program: We run this program for resellers  making then win Rewards.

  • Future Plans :-  Installing  Vending Machines in Malls dispensing Recharge voucher for Voice & Data 

Paying with a Phone


  • Paper Voucher (e-Vouchers) helps in easy and safe distribution.

  • Recharge for Voice and Data

  • 4000 plus Terminals operational in the market

  • Market Coverage – Communication Shops, Groceries, pharmacies, Mini Markets etc all over the Kingdom.

  • 50 member Sales Team actively occupied.

  • Prompt Service & Support.

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