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  • Activities (PrePaid & PostPaid)– Sale of Data and Voice SIMs , Recharge and Bill Payment. Device Sales iPhones, Routers, Mini Wifi, connect wifi etc. Service offered: o Prepaid – Hala 19 , Hala International o Postpaid – 200 , 300 , 400 , Raqi , Wajid Basic , Wajid Family, Fallah 100 / 35 Product Specification SIM Pre-Paid and Post Paid Data Products Routers, Data Sims and Vouchers Bill Collection Monthly Post Paid Collection Devices IPhone and Other Phones

  • Customer Experience – Qmatic System for proper customer Qos management. Pleasant comfortable ambiance for delightful customer experience and Service desk committed for customer satisfaction. • Working Timing – 9am to 11pm (Sat-Thursday), Fri – 4.30 pm to 11 pm


Modren Trade

  • Huge Team of Dedicated Customer Service Agents and Supervisors


  • Meet and Greet Customers: -Exceptional customer service from an attitude of both hospitality and assistance.

  • Demonstrate Product Features-By putting thought, practice, time and attention into product. Excellent product demonstrations are simple, customizable and highlight the benefits and most compelling features of the product to potential customers.

    In store Product Activation- Activating New SIM’s for Voice and Data, Providing Information about Packages and services renewals to facilitate one stop solution for our customers.

    Filling Subscription forms- Assistance in filling subscriptions forms attached with necessary id documents.  

  • Regions we are operational : Eastern , Central, Western and Southern

  • Locations you will find Us : Jarir, Extra, Lulu, Carrefour, Bin Dawood

  • Working Timing : 4pm to 11pm

  • Up Coming Plan: Start Morning shift and to also cover holidays @ Jarir Book Stores. 

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