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FTTH Sales 

Mobily’s eLife with the partnership of safari telecom brings you superfast Internet with speeds of up to 200 Mbps opening the way to stream high definition videos, play online games seamlessly and upload large files instantly.  eLife also includes IPTV with a variety of TV packages including the option of add on packages and a Movies-on-Demand service.

eLife Internet Service is offered in both Postpaid and Prepaid packages, Giving  you the freedom of fulfil your needs.

Live TV Guide:

Multi-day TV Program Schedule.


If you’ve missed your favorite TV program or your favorite games, now with eLife TV Recorder you can replay and watch your favorite show over and over again.


Movies-On-Demand service gives you access to a large collection of movies, television series and other videos available at the touch of a button! Choose from the latest Hollywood blockbusters or re-live the magical moments from your favorite classic films.

Catch-up TV:

Missed your favorite TV show? The interactive TV system provides Catch-up TV function on your receiver, to recall live TV programs and store recorder programs played in the past days.


Enables you add your favorite channels to private channel list for easy access.


Service Delivery 

  • IPTV Service is available only as part of a postpaid package.

  • The building/apartment must already be covered with Mobily’s fiber optics network.

  • When moving to a new apartment in, you can take advantage of our eLife relocation service subject to the property being connected to Mobily’s fiber optics network. In case the new building is not currently in the coverage area, other solutions are available subject to additional cost.

  • There are no setup fees with postpaid packages.

  • You can recharge your eLife prepaid account or pay the Bill of your eLife postpaid account through:

    • Sadad.

    • Mobily website via credit card.

    • Mobily outlet.

  • Your eLife account can be upgraded or downgraded to other speeds whenever you wish, through:

    • Mobily website.

    • Mobily outlet.

We have many exclusive offers for you, just contact us. Number: 920001761, email Address: .

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